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Blackmon Mooring began in 1948 as a furniture upholstery repair shop located in Fort Worth, Texas. As our experience and influence grew, we added BMS CAT in 1981, giving us a national reach. We have built our reputation as a dependable restoration company dedicated to delivering reliability, quality and superior customer service to those we serve.
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Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is one of the key issues that we do not want to experience in our residential and commercial properties. This damage is extremely concerning because it can cause structural damage and also adversely impact your home or establishment's safe environment. Apart from the harm it can do to your furniture and flooring, the clean-up process is also a big pain. If you encounter any damage due to a busted pipe or storm, instead of doing the cleaning all by yourself, it is the most feasible option to call a professional water repair company.

Water damage is very unpredictable, regardless of its cause, and sometimes leaves everyone with expensive repairs. Around 99 percent of homes with a basement in the US will suffer moisture damage at some point, according to iPropertyManagement. Not only that, but the cost of destroying and extracting water in the United States often reaches up to $13 billion annually. This is why it is kind of necessary to have a water damage restoration company in your contact list. We are the best in Washington DC area.

Although many homes and buildings are secured by installing fire alarms and detectors against fire damage, only a few have protected their property from damage. What makes things worse is because, sometimes, water damage is unrecognisable until the damage done is already immense.

In order to give you the best and most cost-effective drying solutions, our Water Damage company based in Washington D C team has several years of experience. We do more than just handle the apparent harm to water. We tackle the epicenter of the problem, removing external damage causes, mold removal issues, indoor green solutions and penetrating water issues. We want to give you the confidence that once the restoration projects are done with, the water damage issues will certainly not be back. We treat your home or business as though it were our own.

What is Restoration & Reconstruction Services?

Water is an integral part of our lives and sometimes things just break. When you experience excess water in your building structure, you’ll need to call us, the best water restoration company in Washington D C. We will come to your home or businesses as quickly as possible, assess the damage, and get to work right away in removing any standing water and drying out your space.
Water damage restoration is the process of water extraction, removal of unsalvageable contents and structures, including personal property, carpet and other flooring, drywall , paneling, shelving, cabinets, etc., cleaning of the affected area, disinfecting, deodorizing and methodical drying of the structure.

Once all of the water is removed (or extracted), we’ll assess the damage in order to see if remediation is required, which is the process of removing the damaged structures, such as drywall, wood paneling, and flooring, and get that replaced as soon as possible. Foul odours may be present or may form in the following days after your damage. In that case our Washington DC Water Restoration company can eliminate these odors quickly and efficiently. We’ll continue to stay in contact with you in the days after water remediation in order to ensure its business as usual. We also work with your insurance company to help process claims as needed.

What People Say

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Restoration and Reconstruction Services

Since 1948, Blackmon Mooring & BMS CAT have been rebuilding communities and businesses, helping thousands of customers restore their property. If you are facing a disaster - big or small - we are the team to call. Our crew can clean up the damage caused by fire, smoke, water, mold and wind. Our experienced technicians understand that getting your home or business back to normal is of utmost importance.

Consider Blackmon Mooring & BMS CAT to manage the entire recovery process from mitigation to restoration to reconstruction. We strive to create a seamless, efficient experience and are dedicated to delivering reliability and quality service across multiple locations throughout the United States.
If we have learned anything in the 70+ years we have been in business, it is that time is the most critical factor in disaster recovery. That’s why we offer a 24-hour emergency response service. No matter when disaster strikes, we are ready to respond.


  • Assess water damage
  • Perform water extraction and removal
  • Dry out all affected areas
  • Clean & sanitize belongings and structure
  • Restore property to pre-damage condition

Fire Restoration &
Smoke Damage Repairs

  • Secure property to prevent further damage
  • Ventilate structure
  • Remove unsalvageable items
  • Clean, sanitize & deodorize structure and belongings
  • Reconstruct to pre-loss state

Mold Remediation &
Removal Services

  • Identify the cause of moisture
  • Dehumidify the property
  • Optimize HVAC system, air ducts & filters for moisture control
  • Safely remove damaged contents and structure
  • Rebuild to pre-loss condition

Why should you call us?

We are a team of seasoned water damage repair professionals. We are a IICRC certified all rights reserved water damage restoration company. Our water damage restoration services in Washington d c are open for any emergency 24 7. Our emergency services along with damage control include mold remediation, homeadvisor, indoor green solutions, flood damage, etc., in Washington DC.

The overall water damage restoration services consists of a variety of steps to ensure the property damage is properly restored and subsequent damage and black mold growth does not take place. We as a water damage restoration company will work with your insurance provider to help file claims and ensure things go smoothly from start to finish.

We are here to help you every step of the way with clean-up, water mitigation, mold remediation, smoke and fire damage restoration services, roofing, interior and exterior construction.

You don't just want someone to deal with the issue when it comes to water removal service in Washington DC. To save your home or company from extreme loss, you need a certified and experienced team you can count on for immediate results.

You choose more than just a name when you choose us for water damage rehabilitation services, you choose a locally owned and dedicated crew that is one of Washington D C's most seasoned teams of specialists in flood water restoration-a team that lives up to rigorous expectations. You pick a team that's going to get the job done, but get it done the right way and quickly!

We work our way into winning trust of our customers by providing excellent customer service. Your reviews motivate us to work 24 7 on the project and deliver the best restoration experience. Our service reach is in all zip code regions. We take pride in becoming a team that is 24 hour ready.
Reliable and Trusted Team of Restoration Experts
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